About Us

Shastri Nagar Mahila Mandal, Believe. Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Shastri Nagar Mahila Mandal, known popularly as Mahila Mandal came into being in 2016 and formed as registered as NGO. Registration number of this NGO is F67019 (Mumbai) & chairman of this NGO is Ms. Poonam Singh.

Who We Are

Shastri Nagar Mahila Mandal was founded by Ms.Poonam Singh with the aim of collective activity for the benefit of society. We strongly believe that by helping one women, in turn she helps another hundred. By increasing this chain we in turn hope to benefit society. Founded in 2016, officially registered in 2016, Shastri Nagar Mahila Mandal initially started with conducting cultural events and celebration of all festivals collectively in the area Ganpati Festival on which we felicitate outstanding activities of women and children as well as 10th and 12th Std students have become a regular feature of the area.

Though 50% of the populations are women, they are denied their rightful place in society. We at Shastri Nagar Mahila Mandal, plan to make this different. Encouraging and highlighting the role of a woman in the upliftment of her family, society and the nation are the values we believe and follow. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule once rightly said,"If you help a man to make progress, it will be to his benefit. But if you help a woman, she in turn will help her family and society."

Registration Documents